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Guitar and Bass Lessons Software - University to Pro - The Ultimate DVD Learning and Practice School At Home!

Learn how to play guitar and bass with complete music theory, (fretboard mastery of all chords, scales, arpeggios), soloing and improvising, and more.

Study, Play and Practice along with the #1 most structured beginner, intermediate and truly advanced system of music school lessons, practice trainer and private instruction at home.

Our visual virtual guitar and virtual bass learning method, offer the best way to understand and apply the guitar or bass successfully in the real world!

  • Unprecedented Value - The most cost effective guitar and bass lessons available for a quality education comparable to a music school or professional private instruction.
  • Learn Fast - The fastest, easiest, most complete single source guide to a serious level of musicianship.
  • Powerful Practice Workstation - Play along with the most detailed, interactive, guided practice trainer. Lets you get the most out of your time and effort by combining the best virtual fretboard, virtual teacher, practice timer, tracker and scheduler altogether in one program.
  • Ultimate Guided Lessons - Virtual Teacher - More than person teaching you on video or face to face. Beyond just video, audio, charts, text, or the generic virtual fretboard. The new "Virtual Teacher" melds the live instructor with virtual visual learning in a new way. You will learn and understand more about the guitar or bass faster, easier and more completely than any other method available.

Music School/University

  • Have you ever wanted the kind of music education and training that's only available from a quality music school or high end teacher?
  • Have you ever wanted a serious, guided guitar or bass practice trainer for the most complete play along practice ever?
  • Would you also like a method of teaching that is more clear, understandable and practical to apply than anything you have tried before?
If you value something equivalent in price to some tickets to a concert or sporting event that you can use for many years, rather than a fleeting moment, than this lessons software is for you!

Virtual Teacher - The ultimate evolution in guitar and bass teaching, combining the real person, virtual fretboard and virtual blackboard. Hours of guided audio/visual instruction comparable to years of private lessons, or schooling with complete playback control.

Scale/Chord/Arpeggio Library - The most complete, professional interactive reference of guitar or bass scales, chords, and arpeggios for real world playing. Tremendous compilation of types and patterns covering the whole fretboard in the most powerful, useable methodology available.

Built in Practice Timer, Tracking and Scheduling - Perform practice sessions in timed segments, track practice sessions with details, schedule practice sessions. Improves your practice efficiency, time management, discipline, skill development and progress tracking.

Guided Fretboard Practice System - Warm Up course for picking and fretting hand. Picking and fretting hand development drills. Most complete, full fretboard guided practice system through chords, scales, arpeggios for all (major and minor modes - scales/ pentatonics/ harmonic-melodic minor/whole tone/ W/H and H/W Diminished).

Music Theory Complete Studies - Includes the completely unique and powerful: "Pyramid of Improvisation ™", "Guide to Improvising and Soloing", "Chord/Scale Function Guide ™", along with a full and intensive curriculum to completely transform your understanding of guitar or bass music theory to a university pro level. With total soloing and improvisation analysis and study.

"Degree Targeting" - Another one of a kind, world class feature are the exercises targeting every possible guitar or bass degree from every fretboard pattern for all major and minor based scales all over the fretboard. Degree targeting is the key element of soloing and improvising.

Scales - The most complete method of guitar or bass scales visualization, fretboard fluidity, pattern variations with detailed explanations, traditional through modern all inclusive fretboard mapping allowing you to utilize the fretboard to play like any player.

Chords - Visual thinking in context seeing bass chords, full and partial guitar chords on all parts of the fretboard - guided system through all chords / extensions on fretboard.

Arpeggios - Visual thinking in context seeing full and partial guitar or bass arpeggios on all parts of the fretboard - connecting, guided system through all arpeggios / extensions on fretboard.

Fretboard Mastery - Most complete study ever of guitar and bass fretboard mastery for all chords, scales, arpeggios. Includes the most complete analysis and fastest method ever for total fluidity with the whole tone and diminished scales and arpeggios. Interval studies, Octave studies, Mode to Shape studies, Notes on Fretboard studies.

Picking - Complete analysis of guitar and bass picking - alternate / economy / with hammer - pull off - tap variations. Full analysis of speed and accuracy.

Music Reading - Easiest / fastest method to reading any note at any position on, above or below the music staff and mastering the notation to fretboard translation. Accurately read music notes from any part of the staff and exactly know where to play them on your fretboard.

Musical Examples / Styles - You will find nothing like this guitar and bass lessons software anywhere for teaching and demonstrating the art of guitar and bass soloing and improvisation. Our dual fretboards simultaneously show you rhythm and lead parts so there is nothing left for you to question. You will learn in a very short time how to solo over any style of music, quickly, professionally and with confidence.

More Content - Each lesson is a mini-course in and of itself with a multitude of exercises and information packed learning. Our approach and presentation is so different, that it is rather amusing to see comparisons between other products with "the number of lessons" such as "150" lessons etc., when a single lesson in this program provides more real learning, content and exercises than anything a multitude of "lessons and exercises" provide in other programs.

The New Evolution Courses Are The Next Step In Guitar and Bass Lessons Software For The Best In Learning and Instruction!

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Are you serious about your music education? We are about ours!

Thatís why our guitar and bass lessons software deliver the best in pro level, real world theory and application!

GUITAR MAGIC EVOLUTION - Man this program is like going to music school. Very Impressive! Skip Dorsey (Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears)

GUITAR MAGIC EVOLUTION - ... you give great value for the money. In fact you give so much value that you guys are shooting yourselves in the foot on a dollar for dollar basis compared to all the instructional dvds out there and what they cost and how misleading a lot of them are. How many of these companies approach marketing (and none of them are as full of teaching information as you are) is try to lead you down the garden path with sales slogans. Harry G Greece

GUITAR MAGIC III & EVOLUTION - I am a huge fan of the product, it is very informative and as advertised it is by far the best program I have used or seen for learning guitar. Cliff R Canada

BASS MAGIC EVOLUTION - I am very impressed with the program so far, I have come on in leaps and bounds. Martin T United Kingdom

BASS MAGIC EVOLUTION - visit one our bass customers Leo Goff Bassist: Memphis Blues & Soul. Leo Goff

If you just want to play recreationally or you want to be a professional musician, this is your one stop source for it all! GUITAR MAGIC EVOLUTION and BASS MAGIC EVOLUTION give you the choice to progress as far you want to go!

Have you been playing for years and feel that you are not getting anywhere?

This is due to the complexity of the instrument, of music itself and the lack of accessible high quality, fully integrated, comprehensive guitar and bass lessons, as well as the evolutionary tools for you to practice and interact with using hands on application.

Never before in music education has you, the student ever had such a powerful, virtual - visual teaching system at your disposal that gives the key to breaking through the wall that has separated you from ever attaining any truly satisfying mastery of the instrument and musical knowledge.

The Ultimate Guitar and Bass University at Home!

Our guitar courses and bass course are light years beyond the competition, unlike any other guitar and bass instruction and online lessons you have ever experienced.

With the best of private instruction, university level education, breakthrough teaching methods and technological innovation, Guitar Magic Evolution and Bass Magic Evolution give you the choice to progress as far you want to go!

Our guitar and bass lessons software provide a new opportunity for the serious guitar or bass player who is looking for the ultimate learning and practice system. One that will finally take you to a level of instrumental and musical proficiency, understanding, and real world application than you ever dreamed possible.

Save Money - Learn At Your Own Pace, On Your Own Time.

In our busy and hectic times, we seek value for our money and efficiency for our time.

In addition to the simple fact that many students of the guitar and bass find a tremendous lack of satisfaction with the quality of instruction they already have received from various sources, there are the costs to consider:

The costs of taking lessons includes:

  • the cost of the lessons over time
  • the time and cost involved to get to them
  • the time and cost involved of not being prepared for each lesson
  • the time and cost of not getting quality lessons to begin with
  • The tremendous cost and time investment involved in a college / university education
  • And if you have not experienced this already, see how fast the costs of the "seemingly" cheaper books, videos, online lessons, etc., add up as you find some to be either "close to worthless" or others, while having some "great information", are fragmented and incomplete

It is the big overall knowledge and skill proficiency that you need, which makes all the specialty subjects and playing nuances and techniques become of value and real practical use to you.

When do you have the time to practice? Morning, Day, Night? It is nice to have a program that let's you learn at your pace, on your schedule, without compromising on the quality of your lessons or the intensity of your practice sessions. You never have to worry about your monthly subscription expiring, missing lessons or classes. You always have access to the whole program at all times.

Common Guitar and Bass Questions You May Have!

You may have questions like is Guitar Magic Evolution or Bass Magic Evolution right for you and your skill level? Why are they different from other programs? Is all software cheap? Can't I get the information I desire as a serious student of the instrument from other "cheaper" courses"? Are all guitar and bass methods of instruction the same? Does it really matter which system is used to teach me?...

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