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The Ultimate Bass University At Home

PC - Windows 7, Vista, XP                           Mac - requires program such as Parallels Desktop - (to run windows software on a Mac)

BASS MAGIC EVOLUTION DVD software offers the best structured beginner, intermediate and truly advanced bass music school quality lessons, practice lab and private instruction at home. This is the ultimate, all-in-one, interactive bass teaching and practice workstation for your computer. Offers the best value and the best bass instruction for any serious player who desires a rewarding and powerful music and bass education.

This bass software will transform you from a frustrated, unfulfilled player to one with a whole new level of proficiency and understanding of the bass fretboard, bass music theory and practical musical application.

  • Maximize Your Time, Money, Study, And Practice With The Most Efficient One Source Bass Resource

  • Learn Bass Faster - In A Whole New Way

  • Understand Bass Music Theory Completely

  • See And Visualize The Bass Fretboard To Play Like Any Player Without Limitation

  • Master Bass Soloing And Improvisation to An Advanced Level

  • Progress Quickly With The Most Complete, Interactive Study Of Bass Chords, Scales, Arpeggios

  • Achieve Total Muscle Memory Imprinting Of All Chords, Scales, Arpeggios For Full Fretboard Mastery, Increased Speed And Dead On Accuracy By Playing Along With The Ultimate Bass Practice Trainer

  • Learn The Secrets Of How To Mentally Understand The Whole Spectrum Of Complex And Confusing Musical Concepts And How To Apply Them In the Most Easy Way

  • Master Your Bass With The Best Guided Bass Learning Software for Any Level Player Who Is Ready To Break Through Limiting Bass Learning Barriers To A Whole New Level Of Knowledge And Playing Ability

  • Get Professional Software Teaching Technology, Revolutionary Visual Lesson Presentation, Unprecedented Lesson Content, And A Consistent Bass Method For Maximum Clarity Of Learning For Real World Bass Playing

You will learn and achieve a level of skill and knowledge in playing the bass that you have never thought possible for yourself.

It is a simple fact that the ability to acquire a high level of knowledge and proficiency with the bass is very difficult and expensive. It is therefore very inaccessible to, and a lifetime of struggle for so many people. You need a comprehensive, systematic bass method that you can actually understand and apply in the real world. As one of our customers commented: "At this point I have all of this information swimming around in my head but it hasn’t clicked yet. Somehow I need to ‘tie it all together’."

"I would like to tell you how much I appreciate the depth of the knowledge and skills provided by your system: scales, arpeggios, chords, fretboard applications are thought in such a way that you become more confident in using your skills as a bass player."                      Yves M - France

It is one thing to learn songs and play enough to impress others, and quite another to have any real clue about "what it is", that you are actually doing. Our bass software gives the you the means to achieve your desired level of bass playing ability by choice. Often, it is not choice, but the complex and overwhelming world of learning bass that blocks many serious bass players from being able to achieve their bass playing goals, or to even come close to doing so.

Many bass players, even ones whom you may assume are good players, are in reality, very unsatisfied with their knowledge and proficiency with the bass and musicality as a whole.

It may be easy to pick up the bass and "get jamming" at some level fairly quickly, but quite another to really comprehend the instrument and its musical world.

The great amount of time and money a person spends learning and practicing the bass compared to the amount of any real progress he or she actually makes, is for most people highly unbalanced. This bass software will change that equation.

The aspiring intermediate to advanced bass player will immediately recognize the cost and time value of acquiring a serious, hands-on, world class bass teaching course and unprecedented bass practice trainer.

It is difficult for a beginner to realize this wthout the experience of playing for many years without accomplishing much, which is why many bass players give up, and never get past the beginning level, and fewer yet ever become even true intermediate players, or even comprehend aspiring to an advanced ability.


What does this mean? "The ultimate interactive, computer software based virtual bass teaching and practice workstation." - "in a completely integrated system."

First, is the revolutionary combination of tools and technology used for teaching, demonstrating, and practicing. All well integrated together for fast, easy access and use.

Second, it means that the "quality, quantity, and innovation of content and teaching methodology is fully integrated with the tools and technology.

The combination of these gives you a total learning and practicing workstation at your fingertips, anytime you desire. A whole new program, one that is an evolution to a whole new level or paradigm of bass instruction - BASS MAGIC EVOLUTION.

Lesson Navigator - all material accessable via a single screen

Library - scale, chord, arpeggio interactive reference

Main Lesson View - 2 core technologies: virtual Bass

and virtual teacher

Lesson View Option 2 - 3rd core technology simultaneous rhythm and lead

Lesson View Option 3 - 4th core technology scrolling tab/notation

Lesson View Option 4 - full screen lesson window option

Practice Timer/Tracker/Scheduler - 5th core technology

Bass Lesson Navigator

  • Access all bass lessons quickly and easily with the powerful, innovative user interface.

  • It is the incredible simplicity and ease of lesson subject navigation in regards to a vast compilation of material, that makes the Lesson Navigator so impressive and innovative.

  • The highly structured and precisely designed organization of subject matter is entirely unique. This alone gives the bass student a window to understanding how to approach, think about, and practice the world of bass and musical knowledge.

Virtual Bass Teacher

  • This is simply the ultimate evolution in bass instruction, combining the real person with the virtual bass fretboard and a virtual blackboard.

  • Hours of guided audio / visual bass lessons with complete user playback control.

  • The ability of the Virtual Bass Teacher to discuss and visually show in an incredible level of detail the concepts being taught, instantly cuts through years of confusion that bass students face.

  • Better than any other method of instruction available, due to the unique design of the Virtual Bass Teacher, which removes visual learning barriers that are inherent limitations of all current teaching mediums including real person to person teaching, videos, books, and online bass lessons.

  • Lessons can be studied over and over again at your convenience with the ability to quickly and easily navigate all parts of each lesson.

Virtual Bass Fretboard Roadmaps

  • The ultimate 4 string bass fretboard display system. See, Hear, and Play-Along-With thousands of MIDI fretboard demonstrations.       Learn 5 string bass,    6 string bass   Fretless bass

  • Defaults to right handed player. Left handed bass neck view for left handed bass players.

  • The multi-track, multi-fretboard presentation sets an unprecedented and cutting edge standard for a graphical fretboard display. It gives you all the "extra" and "essential" display information that is absolutely necessary to really learn from the graphical fretboard, instead of just note for note practice.

  • Turns your computer into an unparalleled bass instructional and practice workstation.

  • Visually see the music theory come alive on the fretboard, not just the note playback. Shows in real time all bass pattern info and type info for scales, chords and arpeggios in all songs and exercises.

  • There is no room for questions as all relevant information is displayed in real time such as scale, chord and arpeggio names, pattern names, notes, degrees, fingerings, and more. Color coding highlights notes, degrees, strum direction, and specific note playback.

  • Dual fretboard display allows you to see both rhythm and lead bass and guitar playing at the same time. Rhythm and lead bass and guitar demonstrations are integral to the instructional system.

  • Mixer control gives you the power to adjust playback for everything from tempo to track volumes and balances, step playback, looping and instrument selection.

Bass Fretboard Software Playback Control

  • Learn by seeing and playing along with features such as looping, tempo control, step note playback, click track, volume and selective track muting.

Bass Scrolling Music Notation And Tablature Staff

  • See where the bass exercise is going ahead of time. It is helpful to be able to look ahead during playback to see what is coming up next while playing along with the fretboard.

  • Set start points for playback. Set playback to start on any measure within the song, so you can instantly jump to a section that you need more practice on or that you want to take a closer look at for musical analysis.

  • Set looping points for playback. Loop any section over and over for targeted practice.

  • Great for step by step playback. Step through any exercise note by note for total playback control.

  • Helps you better develop bass rhythm and timing. See the note values while hearing and practicing along with the staff and the fretboard at the same time with precision metronome accuracy.

  • Helps you to read music. See where the notes are located on the bass clef music staff in relation to the bass fretboard, as well as the duration of note symbols.

  • Learn bass tablature. Tablature is always on the staff so you can see how it translates to the fretboard.

Bass Practice Timer / Tracker / Scheduler

  • The absolute ultimate in efficiency, time management, discipline, skills tracking and development. A truly revolutionary concept and tool completely integrated into your bass program.

  • Perform all of your bass practice sessions in timed segments. This allows you to do two things: manage your time, apply disciplined practice, and measure your progress. One way to use you timer, is for actual exercise practice on your fretboard. World class athletes, musicians, and other professionals, all use measurements of time to measure their progress over time. This allows you do to that easily and effortlessly. Another way to use your timer is to manage your study and practice time in regards to various subjects, that is instead of neglecting chord practice for scale practice or music theory progressions study for some other subject, you can spend specific time segments on various subjects. Discipline is difficult even for those who are good at it. The timer helps you really focus on what you are doing for given period of time and this will produce dramatic results.

  • Track all practice sessions with details. Tracking what you have studied or accomplished in a given practice session, will help you to look back over any given period of time such as a month, etc. and see what you have and "therefore have not" studied or practiced. Tracking will also be key to measuring your progress as for any given exercise, you can make your memo comments on how fast you practiced (the tempo), your clarity with that, and how much of the exercise or exercises you were able to complete in a specific time period.

  • Schedule all practice sessions. Managing your time and disciplining yourself is the key to your success with the bass. This is based on your time spent with practice and study. Scheduling your practice and study sessions will help you really keep on track.

  • In our busy and hectic times, we need all the help we can get to manage our time and get the most done in the least amount of time possible. Plus we want to progress significantly with our bass, and even if we have all the time and money in the world, we still need the right combination of discipline, teaching methods and learning tools/technology to get there as fast as is possible for each of us.

Ultimate Interactive Bass Encyclopedia - Library

  • An awesome array of scales, chords and arpeggios in all keys, all positions. This is the most complete, professional interactive reference of bass scales, chords, and arpeggios for real world playing. Tremendous compilation of types and patterns covering the whole fretboard in the most powerful, useable methodology available!

  • See and hear and play along with everything on the virtual fretboard with detailed type and pattern information.

  • Easily toggle the display between note names, scale degrees, and fingerings.

  • Fully controllable playback lets you play along at your own pace using the adjustable metronome. This is critical for proper timing and improved accuracy and clarity.

  • Remove questions. It is can be diffficult to determine if you like the sound of a partcular chord -scale - arpeggio shape or pattern, or to determine if you are playing it correctly, if you can't hear it and play along with it.

  • Comparison feature for musical analysis lets you select any number of scales, chords and arpeggios of any types or positions and put into a special section for comparison with each other to see important relationships.

  • Includes an interactive musical staff view that shows you all the information in notation as well.

More Bass Software User Features

  • Customizable "Look and Feel" - User changeable look and feel option for your own personal touch.

  • Lesson Organizer - Lets you create your own "favorites" groupings of lessons for instant access to your own customized learning focus.

The Best Bass Software For Beginner Bass Lessons to Advanced Bass Teaching Methodology

Aside from the powerful tools and technology shown above, is the actual quality, quantity, innovation of content and teaching methodology that the BASS MAGIC EVOLUTION bass lessons and exercises provide.

This bass teaching methodology is unique in that it starts off from the very beginning with a highly directed, professional and intensive learning path. It "insists" that you learn all the fretboard knowledge, musical theory and fretboard/musical application right away. We are not concerned with whether or not you are ready to learn the things that you need to learn. You just need to do it! The problem is that most aspiring bass players are not getting the level of instruction, skills and knowledge which they need, which is absolutely essential, to achieving any serious enjoyment out of the world of bass and music.

This program offers more than just a great quantity of great lesson material. An unprecedented level of thought and design with tremendous detail has gone into the development of every aspect of every lesson, concept, explanation and exercise.

You will achieve a level of self-satisfaction, confidence, understanding of music and its application on the bass, if you simply go through this program, practice, study and "just do it".

The Ultimate Guided Bass Practice Trainer

  • The most comprehensive fretboard curriculum available to completely master the bass fretboard. For the first time ever, you have an awesome guided practice system for your bass picking hand and fretting hand. Designed to give you the fewest, most comprehensive number of drills and exercises to warm up, work out, and teach you the most comprehensive fretboard curriculum as fast as possible and to provide a long term core skill enhancement workout/practice system.

  • One: Specific picking hand drills are used for warmup of the picking hand and more importantly for development of steady, consistent, accurate and fast picking moving from string to string as well as repetitive picking on any single string.

  • Two: Specific and intensive fretting hand drills are used for warmup, of the fretting hand and more importantly for development of speed, accuracy, hand strength, flexibility and finger stretch. Includes chord drills. The great factor about the comprehensive fretting hand drill is that it will take your fretting hand through a workout that you may not always get in any given practice session. Therefore you will always be developing maximum fretting hand potential regardless of the rest of your practice session that may not require the full range of movement covered in this workout.

  • Three: The ultimate fretboard scale, chord and arpeggio step by step, guided, systematic, total bass practice workout with complete, full range fretboard coverage. You will learn a completely detailed, versatile, comprehensive system of scales, chords and arpeggios. See below under Scales, Chords, Arpeggios. And just as important, this gives you a long term, intensive practice system to develop to your speed and accuracy potential and your ability to be fluid on your fretboard to move and play anywhere you desire quickly, easily and with understanding of exactly where you are and what you are doing.

  • This whole section was specifically designed to be used with your Practice Timer/Tracker/Scheduler for extreme bass skill development.

Learn Bass Scales, Chords, Arpeggios Completely

  • Total integration is the theme of your scale, chord and arpeggio core study. They are not separated into individual subjects. Scales, chords and arpeggios are taught both in bass fretboard methodology and bass music theory as one unit, all integrated together at the same time. This is the most logical, practical, fast and effective way to learn, understand and apply the essential building blocks of bass.

  • The second approach to your scales, chords and arpeggios includes specific, separate (non-integrated) intensive studies and exercises. The combination of both integrated study, and separate, specialized study, gives you the most detailed, thorough and complete study and practice with your scales, chords and arpeggios that you have ever had.

  • All types of scales: Major with all Major/Minor Modes, Harmonic Minor and Modes, Melodic Minor and Modes, Whole Tone, W/H and H/W Diminished, Bebop scales. All types of pentatonics, major, minor, blues, modal pentatonics, dominant pentatonic, all 6 note pentatonics variations. All variations of these with degree targeting (see degree targeting).

  • Master your scales with tremendous knowledge and understanding of what you are doing with them, why you are doing it, your options, and a total structured, mental and visual way to think about and apply them everywhere on your fretboard with maximum effectiveness. This complete system will give you not only a world class grip of your bass fretboard, but it will allow you to "see", "understand" and "apply" the seemingly "off-the-wall" application of scales that you sometimes may encounter when studying or learning various licks or songs from your favorite bass players.

  • You will become more versatile and fluent than you ever imagined with the Whole Tone, W/H, H/W and Diminished scales. Unparalleled coverage of these, with a system that makes it easy to not only learn them fast, but to be able to do more with them and play them easily anywhere on the fretboard in with total versatility in a number of ways.

  • Learn all chord/arpeggio types and extensions in the most complete, extensive manner, all over your fretboard from your each string and multiple finger positions.

  • Master arpeggios in a number of different ways. In-position, symmetrical, in segments, connecting throughout the fretboard. Transform your knowledge and ability to apply scales, chords and arpeggios with all musical concepts and theories throughout your fretboard with total confidence, fluidity .

  • Transform your knowledge and ability to apply scales, chords and arpeggios with all musical concepts and theories throughout your fretboard with total confidence and fluidity to a level of proficiency and professional accomplishment that you never thought possible.

Ultimate Bass Degree Targeting / String Degrees

  • Degree targeting is the essential key of all soloing and improvising. The Degree Targeting exercises/lessons and the String Degrees method will give you the ultimate ability to perform with a higher level of musicianship than you could previously think possible.

  • Revolutionary and completely unprecedented is the Degree Targeting system. This system provides exercises targeting every possible degree from every fretboard pattern for all major and minor based scales all over the fretboard. Including explanations for conceptually understanding what you are doing when targeting these degrees.

  • Revolutionary and completely unprecedented is the String Degrees method. The String Degrees visual sound map is a powerful method and memorization tool for instantly and easily locating any degree that is inside or outside of any scale, chord or arpeggio from any point or position, anywhere on the fretboard.

Complete Bass Fretboard Visualization Studies

  • The ultimate way to mentally think about and visualize all bass chord, scale, and arpeggio shapes - patterns - forms - fingerings, in all positions and connecting patterns, across the entire fretboard. Master your bass fretboard with a method that you can quickly understand and utilize from the basics to a very advanced level.

  • Includes the complete visualization of all bass Modes and relationships of all scales, (major key modes, harmonic minor modes, melodic minor modes, etc.) to your fretboard shapes methodology. This results in the fastest way to understand and apply "advanced scale concepts and modal theory from all tonalities" easily and effortlessly.

  • Complete and innovative Octaves studies. Understanding and mastering your bass octaves is of tremendous value to understanding fretboard concepts and relationships.

  • Complete and innovative Notes on Fretboard studies. Mastering your notes on the bass fretboard is essential using your fretboard.

  • Complete and innovative Intervals studies. Understanding and mastering your bass intervals is a key to your fretboard patterns, degree targeting, chord/arpeggio makeup, patterns and extensions, and overall musical expression.

  • Exercises with symmetrical patterns, 3 note per string pentatonics with various approaches, scale sequencing, sequencing using legato, string pairs, string skipping, shape skipping, pedal point all provide a thorough foundation and skill development for musical application with the bass.

Bass University To Master Bass Music Theory

  • Transform your understanding of music theory to a level you never thought possible. All integrated for maximum effectiveness, understanding and ultimate useable, practical application to a very high, professional level.

  • You get a bass university education in music theory. There are theory concepts that teach you how to become not just a world class bassist, but also a world class musician. While other teaching environments use excuses such as "Well it just works", we explain to you "Why" it works. We take the mystery out of the whole subject of the bass music theory and application, which is key to having freedom with your instrument and musical expression.

  • Get the most out of the songs or artists that you are interested in. Learning a song note for note is fun and has benefits, but it does not do much for you if you do not understand what the artist is doing. You can't learn from it and therefore you won't be able to apply and incorporate the concepts into aspects of your own playing. It is also much more difficult and time consuming learning songs and licks when you have no idea of what the artist is doing.

  • Play your bass with other musicians in a band, in the studio, in church with confidence.

  • This knowledge is essential for understanding the concepts of songwriting and using your bass to compose or to add more creativity to any song or music that your write or contribute to.

  • Jump into any style of music: classical, metal, rock, blues, pop, jazz, fusion, country, r&b, funk, etc. playing rhythm or lead, with ease.

  • Start out learning your bass fretboard like on a piano covering the essential foundation of scale, chord, and arpeggio theory and fretboard pattern concepts. For the first time ever, this complete introductory lesson dispels years of potential confusion by presenting the information on the bass fretboard in the same manner as a piano keyboard. The piano keyboard is 100% consistent in layout, making it easy and clear for the student to understand the essence of theory and that is what the bass player needs to know in order to get started. Intermediate bass players find this very enlightening as well. As one of our customers mentioned, "Teachers and instructional products talk about this, but no one shows you how to do it, how it actually works. This core lesson actually cleared this up for me."

  • Learn all scale theory with all modes, variations, functions.

  • Learn all chord / arpeggio theory with all extensions and functions.

  • Learn from the ground up the whole foundation and application of scale, chord, arpeggio construction, theory, function and application.

  • Learn Modal Tonality.

  • Learn Harmony.

  • "Pyramid of Improvisation" - the ultimate instant visual view of the relationships of scales to chords in regards to soloing and improvisation. Cut through a lifetime of confusion with the ultimate simple visual approach that instantly turns a complex subject into a clear framework.

  • "Chord / Scale Function Guide" - the ultimate instant guide to the relationships of chords to scales in regards to "Function" which is the "Master Key" to understanding the big picture and micro detail of what your soloing choices are, and why.

  • "Guide to Improvising and Soloing" - the most comprehensive, complete and detailed analysis of the approaches to improvising and soloing that you will most likely every encounter in your lifetime.

  • In-depth analysis of Chord Progressions / Key Changes.

  • In-depth analysis of Chord Substitutions.

  • In-depth analysis of Scale Substitutions.

  • Music theory is covered throughout the entire course. It is integral to every part of the instructional system. You are getting both traditional music theory, innovative modern theory, and completely new conceptual and visual theory methods which altogether break through the barriers and limitations you'll encounter in current teaching approaches and methods.

Bass Picking / Bass Speed and Accuracy

  • Complete analysis of picking - alternate / economy / sweep with hammer - pull off - tap variations.

  • Full analysis of approaches and ways to practice for greater speed and accuracy.

Bass Music Notation Reading

  • Easiest / Fastest method to reading any bass note on any position anywhere on, above or below the music staff, bass clef.

  • Master the notation to fretboard translation. You will be able to accurately read the notes-i.e. E, G, F#, etc. from any part of the staff and exactly know where to play them on your bass fretboard.

Bass Jam Tracks - Musical Examples - Rhythm And Lead

  • You will find nothing like this system anywhere for teaching and demonstrating the art of bass soloing and improvisation.

  • Our dual fretboards simultaneously show you rhythm and lead bass and guitar parts so there is nothing left for you to question.

  • Due to the nature of the bass, musical examples will be used in three ways by the bass player. One: bass parts will accompany guitar parts. Two: bass lead examples will be shown with or without guitar lead examples. Three: the bass player will study the detailed guitar lead parts with detailed explanations for soloing and improvising study as well. All information and examples apply equally to the Bass player and this is the first time the Bass player is not being left in the dust by having the same knowledge and learning system as the guitar player.

  • Chord Progressions / Rhythm and "song structure" are an integral part of the musical examples.

  • You will greatly develop your playing skills as you practice them. Full multi track rhythms and leads are integral to the lessons.

  • You will learn in a very short time how to solo over any style of music, quickly, professionally and with confidence. In combination with your music theory lessons and the intensive and detailed explanations and visual demonstrations in the musical examples, we show you from square one how to solo over any style of music, in any musical situation. This is also demonstrated and shown to you on virtual fretboards. You will be quite surprised at the truly revolutionary approach that will get you soloing and improvising like a seasoned professional bass player.

  • All the 3 note per string, sweep arpeggios, chord arpeggio licks, pedal tone, pedal point, osstinatos are found in the licks throughout the styles and exercises in the program.

  • Musical examples are demonstrated through various styles: Rock / Metal, Neo-Classical Fusion, Blues, Jazz, Fusion, Pop, Classical, Country. However, it is important to understand the fact that the goal is not to learn a particular style here. No matter what particular style you are most interested in developing, each example covers and demonstrates important concepts that are used by all artists in all styles.

  • The theme of the musical examples is to just do it and to get down to business. If you are concerned or thinking about any particular style, you are missing the boat. Studying and practicing the musical examples will provide you a tremendous framework and pro level understanding and application of chord / song structure, rhythm, soloing and improvisation.

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